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MKlll VR Stock
MKlll VR Stock
MKlll VR Stock
MKlll VR Stock
MKlll VR Stock
MKlll VR Stock

Virtual Rifle Systems

MKlll VR Stock

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  • Superior Product Quality and Durability
    • The MKIII utilizes injection molding and Multi Jet Fusion manufactured parts. (Glass filled Polypropylene and PA-12 Nylon)
  • Easy Set-up
    • The MKIII (base configuration) can be set-up in under five minutes.
  • On-the-fly Adjustability
  • Magnetic Controller Mounts.
  • Highly Customizable
    • The MKIII is the most customizable option on the market. Colors, optics, barrels/muzzle devices, buttstocks, handguards and more.  You can create a rifle that is uniquely your own.
  • Correct Center of Gravity
    • The top mount solution enables a more realistic rifle feel as the weight distribution is more accurate.
  • American Made and Manufactured
  • Veteran owned small family business

The Virtual Rifle Systems MKlll is an all new design. All of the best features of the MKll, with a whole new level of customization options. The rifle is no longer 3D printed, instead we have moved to an injection molded unit. The end result is a more polished rifle offering superior quality, design, and durability.

We are currently shipping orders received during the first week of January. We are behind so we do ask that you please allow approximately five weeks for your order to ship while we attempt to catch up. Although we are working hard to prepare and ship units in the date order they were received, we are transitioning to a third-party shipper to reduce wait time significantly. We appreciate your support, understanding, and patience! 

- Shane & Denise N.