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MKlll VR Rifle (Customizable Option)

Virtual Rifle Systems

MKlll VR Rifle (Customizable Option)


The Virtual Rifle Systems MKlll is an all new design. All of the best features of the MKll, with a whole new level of customization options. The rifle is no longer 3D printed, instead we have moved to an injection molded unit. The end result is a more polished rifle offering superior quality, design, and durability.

Due to COVID-19, we experienced a six week delay with the MKIII production. We are currently shipping orders received in July, but please allow three weeks for your order to ship while we attempt to catch up. We are working hard to prepare and ship units in the date order they were received. We appreciate your support, understanding, and patience!

- Shane & Denise N. 


**Please be sure to add controller connectors. These come in a set so you only need to add one per HMD.**