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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Denise Norman on
We have compiled a list of our FAQ's and we hope it helps. If you still have questions, let us know!

 What does the MK-III include? 
A: Handguard with sliding NDH magnetic base, upper, buffer with VRS Micro Stock (fixed stock).

 Do I need connectors? 
A: Yes! Definitely.

 What are connectors?
A: Our connectors are made to work with the MKIII and will keep your controllers attached to our unit.

Q: How many connectors do I need?
A: Connectors come in sets, so you only need 1x per option. If you have different headsets you plan to use, be sure to add the correct sets to your order. 

Q: I'm a lefty, does that matter?

A: Well yeah, because we are only 10% of the population so we're gems 😊. For real though, if playing with the Quest/Rift S or Quest 2, YES! It makes a difference for sure! Be sure to select left dominant.

 How do I assemble my MK-III?
A: Check out the 'Official Unboxing' video on our YouTube Channel.

Why is my stock sliding and not locking in place?
A: The winged bolt needs to be changed. Insert it from the right, catching the brass on the left. That's it! :) 

Q: How do I attach my Quest 2 Alternative NDH grip? 
  • Carefully bring the sliding mount back towards the rear of the MKIII to remove it from the handguard.
  • Slip the bracket into/onto the sliding mount, while aligning the hole in the front of the grip to the one on the sliding mount.
  • Insert the screw from the top of the sliding mount to catch the brass in the front of the grip.
  • The magnets will not be required for the NDH grip, but please re-insert them to keep them from getting lost should you need them again. 
Q: I have the Valve Index connectors, what are these little black foam pads for? 
A: If you find your controller seem to have a small bit of movement, you can apply a foam pad to the bottom piece of the handle. Check out the picture below. 
Q: How do I attach my 2-point sling?
A: Check out the image - A to B. C to your stock. That's it! Super easy. You can add an attachment to make the unit a two point if you prefer. 
Q: In the video you mentioned two options for bolts, I only have one. Am I missing a part?
A: Nope. Due to customer feedback, most folks used the thumb screw so we did away with the bolt. Less parts, less confusion, less waste.

Q: Do I need a sling?
A: Growing up, we learned needs and wants are two different things 😊. Need? No. Want? Yes! You will want a sling for sure. It helps you perform in game actions so much easier! Click on the link to see how much two of our customers depend on the sling.

Q: Would I like the Alternate NDH Grip?
A: Well, we all have our own preferences but it’s DEFIINTELY a great (and useful) accessory to have. It’s a well-loved addition for sure and it’s great for the Quest 2 in Onward or other games that do not allow you to calibrate in game rifles to VR rifles. The NDH grip is excellent for speedy reloading and we all know that you need that speed when you're under fire!


Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: You better believe it! Due to COVID-19, USPS to international postal service seems to be experiencing a delay. Because of this delay, we have removed USPS as a shipping option for international orders. We do ship with UPS. Accessories only can be shipped via DHL. Please keep in mind you (the buyer) will be responsible for any import taxes/duties/fees. CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: If using UPS Ground, you will incur BROKER fees. These fees will be waived if you select a higher rate. Read more at Rates for Customs Clearance into Canada: UPS - Canada (shout out to one of your fellow Canadians for this tip!).

Q: Do you ship to AK, HI, and APO addresses? 
A: Absolutely! 

Q: I have two orders outstanding, can you ship together?
A: Yes and no. If both orders are under the same email address, I'll see them and ship together. If our third party is shipping your order, they will not combine them. I will do my best to catch these, but I can't promise anything.

Q: I selected expedited shipping, why hasn't my order shipped? 
A: The shipping is only for time in transit. This does not include processing time. Please note, UPS and USPS do not guarantee delivery 1-day or 2-day citing COVID-19. 

Q: Where do you ship from? 
A: We are located in the middle of the cornfields in central Illinois. 

Q: Why didn't you ship with the carrier I selected? (applicable for US only)
A: We pick the carrier with the quicker delivery. For example, UPS does not pick up on Saturday so orders prepared Friday afternoon, will ship with USPS if it's quicker. Rather than your package sitting here over the weekend, it will start to move on Saturday :).  Don't worry, we have you in mind when we do this! 


Q: What HMD's do you support?
A: The MK-III works with the Quest/Rift S, Rift (original), HTC Vive and Pro wands, Quest 2, Valve Index.

Q: Does the MK-III work with the G2?
A: At this time, we cannot support the G2. We will continue to watch for updates within the tracking.

Q: Where is your product made?
A: The VRS products are proudly made in the USA. Our suppliers and manufacturers are also within the USA. Although sourced from a US supplier, the sling is not made in the USA. We are working on bringing a ‘made in USA’ sling option to the website.

Q: I need to make a change to my order; how do I do that?
A: Super simple – just email your request to! If your order has not shipped or is not in process, we can make changes.

Q: What color(s) is the Toxic Premium Handguard available in?
A: The Toxic Premium Handguard is ONLY available in black. 

Q: If I get a sling, do I need to add a swivel to my order?
A: Nope. Our single point sling includes a swivel. 

Q: I have a sling at home, can I use it?
A: If it has a swivel, yes. If it does not have a swivel, you need one and you can snag one on our website. 

Q: I just received my unit and the connection isn’t strong. What is wrong? 
A: If the connection is not strong or is pushing off, one of the magnets in the should be flipped. For older units, check out the video around the 1:25 mark to see how to adjust the magnets in the front slide. The concept is the same for adjusting magnets in the main hand connector, but instead you will need to remove the magnet cover to expose them. Once you connect it to the upper, the magnets will flip. Just a little tinkering, and you’ll be set 😊. **PLEASE NOTE** The magnets are very strong and can/will snap together. Please handle them with care. If broken, please discard the magnet and contact us to order more. Please keep out of reach of children/pets as these are rare earth magnets and can be harmful if swallowed.

Q: If I upgrade my shoulder stock, do I get the VRS Micro Stock also? 
A: No. The upgraded stock replaces the VRS Micro Stock. The other stocks are provided at a discounted rate to accommodate the replacement. 

Q: What do the colors look like? 
A: You can see thumbnails of generated colors, but you can also see them ‘in real life’ here.
Q: How long will my order take? 
A: Right now, we are experiencing delays just as many other manufacturers. We currently have orders outstanding starting in March. Yes, March. We know your position - we have also been waiting 17 weeks for the supplies we ordered. We don’t want you waiting either… it’s a weird time we’re going through right now and we’re thankful for your understanding. The good news is, our third-party shipper (3PL) already has hundreds of MK-III’s ready to go, so once we have those controller connectors on hand, it’s all systems go! If you have not already watched the YouTube video update, check it out. UPDATE: On 21 June, we received a portion of the product we are waiting on. We will continue to ship orders until we receive all of our product from our manufacturer. Once we have everything, we will get the product to 3PL so they can start whipping out the orders :). 

Q: Where is my order?
A:  As of July 23, we are shipping orders received during the week of April 18. Great news, we are no longer at a stand still and are shipping orders again! Check out the note above to get a better understanding of the long wait.


Q: How can we get a hold of you?
A: Shane is behind Twitter and IG but he doesn't usually see direct messages. If you send a private message, the reply will come from me (Denise) but it will be very delayed. For a quicker response, please email me at or on Facebook.

(updated 23 July 2021)

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