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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Denise Norman on
Frequently Asked Questions
We've compiled a list of our FAQ's and we hope it helps. If you still have questions, let us know!

Q: Do I need connectors?
A: Yes! Definitely.

Q: What are connectors?
A: Our connectors are made to work with the MK-III and will keep your controllers attached to our unit.

Q: How many connectors do I need?
A: Connectors come in sets, so you only need 1x per option. If you have different headsets you plan to use, be sure to add the correct set to your order.

Q: Do I need a sling?
A: Growing up, we learned needs and wants are two different things 😊. Need? No. Want? Yes! You will want a sling for sure. It helps you perform in game actions so much easier! Click on the link to see how much two of our customers depend on the sling.

Q: If I get a sling, do I need a swivel?
A: Nope. Our slings have two swivels already attached. The single swivel is great for any slings you might already own with clips.

Q: How do I attach my sling?
A: Check out the image - A to B. C to your stock. That's it! Super easy. You can add an attachment to make the unit a 2-pt if you prefer. 

Q: I need to make a change to my order, how do I do that?
A: Super simple – just email your request to!

Q: I have two orders outstanding, can you ship together?
A: Absolutely. If both orders are under the same email address, I'll see them and ship together.

Q: How do I assemble my MK-III?
A: Check out the 'Official Unboxing' video on our YouTube Channel.

Q: In the video you mentioned two options for bolts, I only have one. Am I missing a part?
A: Nope. Due to customer feedback, most folks used the thumb screw so we did away with the bolt. Less parts, less confusion, less waste.

Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: You better believe it! Due to COVID-19, USPS to international postal service seems to be experiencing a significant delay. Because of this delay, we have removed USPS as a shipping option for international orders. We do ship with DHL and UPS. Please keep in mind you will be responsible for any import taxes/fees.

Q: Do you ship to AK, HI, and APO addresses? 
A: Absolutely! 

Q: How long will my order take? 
A: We kindly ask that you allow us three weeks to ship. We are a husband and wife team shipping world wide. We grew much faster than we could have ever dreamed and we continue to grow daily, so if we are delayed just a bit more, please accept our apologies. Good news, we are currently looking to add to our team so we can ship orders quicker. THANK YOU so much for your support - we are incredibly grateful to you.

Q: How can we get a hold of you?
A: Shane is behind Twitter and IG but he doesn't usually see direct messages. If you send a private message, the reply will come from me (Denise) but it will be delayed. For a quicker response, please email me at or at

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